4 Trendy Zara Bags For This Summer


Hi girls! Today I’m going to share some Zara bags with you which are my favorite ones and also most compatible with new bag trends. In my last article I told about some new bag trends and now I want to share my favorites with you depending on these trends. If you haven’t read it yet, here is a link for you!

Moreover, some of the Zara bags are on sale! I know that you like Zara bags as much as I like, so let’s start to explore Zara bags collection together! I hope you like the bags that I choose for you ladies!

If You Want to Travel Comfortable Belt Bags are the Best

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Firstly, I have to say that, red is really trend this summer. We can see lots of red clothing items in shopping centers. Especially red dresses, skirts, cropped tops, pants and bags are really popular. So it shows us, red is the new color of this summer! We didn’t prefer to wear red items last year but now, it is time to put something red in your wardrobe. It can be a red cat eye sunglasses, or a white printed red mini skirt or a small red bag!

If you don’t have any red bag, this type of Zara bags can be a good option for you. Because you can use it as a belt bag and also as a shoulder bag. That’s why I choose this belt bag for you. You can see from the picture above, it has different pairs of rings so you can change its usage depending on your outfit. And also the gold lion detail on this bag is really cool.

I want to give a basic outfit suggestion with this red belt bag. If you prefer, you can combine this Zara bag with jean on jean trend. Wear a V neck white T-shirt with your jean and put a jean jacket on it. Don’t forget your red bag! It look really casual and stylish!

Additionally, you can use this red bag with white items. It will give a perfect contrast. For example a white mini skirt, a white mom jean or a white jacket can be very compatible with this Zara bag.

Finally I want to remind that, belt bags are really comfortable and also it is an important trend of this year. We didn’t use to wear them last year. Therefore, if you looking for a new bag to buy, I suggest you to buy a belt bag first!

A White Belt Bag can be a Joker Item of This Summer

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If you like the belt bag trend but red is not your favorite color, I have another suggestion for you. You can get a white belt bag and make it the star item of your outfits! Because if you have a white bag, it means that you can wear whatever you want. Because you know that there is a belt bag here which is compatible with every color. That’s why I chose this Zara bag for you girls!

You can combine this Zara bag with full of black and it will look really cool. Wear your black cropped skinny jean, and a V neck T-shirt on it. Combine them with black sneakers and this Zara bag, now you are ready! I’m sure you’ll love it.

Here is another outfit idea for you! If you have a boyfriend and blue jean, you can combine it with V neck white oversized T-shirt and white sneakers, finally with this Zara bag. You’ll look so casual and modern! I’m sure that you can match this belt bag with lots of outfits of yours, these are the only easiest and practical ways to combine it.

A Small and Natural Colored Wicker Bag can be Very Handy

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Wicker bags are not an unusual items for us. We used to wear them and they keep still be trend this summer. So, why we need to buy a wicker bag? If you ask this question to me, the answer is really easy. Because of its natural and compatible color. As you know that, earth tones are really useful for matching different items together. They are generally compatible with lots of colors and textures. Therefore, I can suggest you to buy a wicker bag this summer. If you are not a really brave person to wear different and bright colored bags, it is a good option for you.

This Zara bag has a modern style and a tight wicker texture. And also it’s color is not really dark or light so that you can match it easily. Furthermore, its size is very ideal for hot summer days. I think that, wicker bags look much modern when they have small sizes. I hope you like this Zara bag I chose for you.

Make a Difference and Buy Yellow Zara Bags

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I can say that yellow is as popular as red this summer. We saw different tones of yellow suits, sunglasses and bags this season and it is still very trend. If you looking for something new for your wardrobe, this yellow Zara bag can be a super idea. You can match it too many different styles but here my favorite outfit ideas for yellow bags.

Firstly, you can use this yellow Zara bag with blacks. It can be a black mini skirt, a black mini dress, or a black skinny jean. Let the bag to show its color. Or you can prefer jeans with it. An oversized jean jacket on a jean pants can look super with this yellow bag. Finally, you can match it with a white dress and sandals. I’m sure that it will look really cute.

I hope you you like these informations about the new bag trends and also the bags that I chose for you girls! See you at the next article.

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Adorable wicker bag! Wow! Just wow! I hope Zara also makes one using abaca fibers. They are more summery in form and more elegant.

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