Christmas Ideas to Jollify Your Holiday


Everywhere is shining bright and smell like ginger, cinnamon, and orange. Christmas has come finally! After a very tiring and long year, we need the cosiest holiday with our loved ones. If you don’t know what the popular things are this year to make your holiday the best, you don’t need to look far away. Here is the complete list you need!

Christmas Tree and Decorations

I can’t imagine a holiday without a big fancy tree. There are some specific ornaments that is used to ornate a tree. In 2020, this green and red ornaments are out. Christmas trees are definitely more elegant with whites, bronzes, and golden. I strongly recommend you to find your ornaments in those colors and have the best and unique tree at your home.

It is many people’s favourite time of the year like Kylie Jenner, She turned her house a full package Winter Wonderland. It is a worth watching video, she is so sincere. You should also see Kylie’s new holiday collection “the Grinch” she got inspired from the famous movie with the same name. You can learn more about it on this article.

I am literally in love with neutral tones. As a result, this video got me really inspired to decorate my tree according to these tones. It looks so chic! You will also get amazed by how it is in harmony with the whole living room. I doesn’t look like just a holiday decoration. But It looks like a lifelong home deco accessory.

Christmas Outfits

I would like to list a bunch of chic clothes to wear on the brightest holiday for you. However, unfortunately most of us have to spend holiday at home this year because of the pandemic. So, this year’s most popular Christmas Outfit is Pyjamas. You can match your pyjamas with your whole family, roommates or your boyfriend. In addition to it, It will look so cute and cozy. Also, If you wonder what else you can do while spending Christmas at home, you should read this article to get some inspiration on how to have a best holiday at home.


Christmas Cookies

Sugar cookies are first thing to come to mind talking about Christmas. The concept of “Winter Wonderland” is the most popular concept in the sugar cookies decoration ideas in 2020. Their soft colors will fit your big fancy tree. If you want to go out of tradition, those cookies are such a perfect choice for you.



Out of the all recipes, I like this pink ones the most! They are so cute and creative. You should definitely give it a try!


Netflix released A LOT OF Christmas movies this year. They can be the subjects of your movie nights during this holiday time, other than the holiday classics.

There are some of the prominent movies to watch on Christmas available on Netflix.


Two Stranger woman and man don’t want to spend holidays as single anymore so they make a deal to be their dates on each holiday. But will they manage to keep their intimacies as required?


The Princess Switch: Switch Again

In the first movie, lookalike baker and princess switch their lives for two days. In its sequel, Their new lookalike party girl Fiona comes to their life. Consequently, tries to ruin their plans.

The Princess Switch

The Christmas Chronicles 2

Kate is a teenage girl now. She learns that the holiday will be ruined. Therefore, she gets together with Santa Claus again to save the Christmas. Firstly, I suggest you to watch the first movie to get a better sense about the characters.

The Christmas Chronicles 2

Nail Art Ideas

Christmas nails with the shades of pink look so beautiful. Moreover, soft colors are so in this year and I think we should adapt it into these festive holiday times.

christmas nail

In addition, in the video below you will see numerous amount of 2020 Christmas nail art ideas. Some of them are done with soft colors and they are so easy to apply. Enjoy watching!


Festivity doesn’t end with just a tree or a pair of socks. It requires a full-time effort! There are many wallpapers to jollify your phone. For example, I am leaving here my favourite ones. You can use one of those, if you like them as well.

christmas wallpaper

christmas wallpaper

This year was an exceptional year for all of us. In other words, we had a limited time to go out and limited places to visit. Moreover, we had to wear masks everywhere we went and it seems like it will go on like that for a little more. For those times we don’t need to stop enjoying fashion at all.

Above All, I hope you all have the happiest and healthiest holiday season!

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