Gucci Fashion Show 2019


Hi fashion lovers! Today we are going to make a small chat about 2019 Gucci fashion show which was in Milan. When I watched the Gucci fashion show, some colors and clothings drew my attention. I think they are going to be this season’s hit looks. Therefore, I want to share my opinions and their photos with you to be ready before they become hit!

All White and Red Looks


If you watch Gucci fashion show, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. There were eight models which are wearing all red. When I saw them I said “Yees!” because it is my one of favorite color. And I really want to see people walking around the streets in red, in these dark winter days. I think wearing all red looks very energetic and stylish. If you want to look cool, you should go for it! And if you want, you can get more idea about how to wear all red, from the link below. You’ll see perfect red outfit ideas therefore, you should have a look to it!

gucci fashion show 2

Another color that I saw the models in, was white. Wearing all white or white pieces in winter, looks really elegant. In my opinion, if you want to be different in cold winter days and want to say “Hi! I’m really stylish and cool.” when you’re just walking around the city, you should prefer wearing white things like these models did. I don’t know any color looks more elegant than white!

Baggy Suits in Gucci Fashion Show

gucci fashion show 3

It looks like wearing baggy suits will be trend again this season. In Gucci fashion show, I saw this kind of baggy suits. Some of them were patterned but some of them were plain. However, both of them look very cool.


By the way, it looks like this trend is not for only men, women are also going to catch this trend!

Houndstooth Pattern

gucci fashion show 5

In Gucci show, houndstooth patterned clothes was one of my favorite! Especially, the one on the left is my favorite! I think this pattern looks so nice on thick winter clothes like long cardigans or coats. And matching it with red can be awesome!

There were different colored houndstooth patterned clothes in the Gucci fashion show like earth tones.

Long Stitchs


Another thing that drew my attention in Gucci fashion show was the long stitchs on pants or jackets. We know that white stitchs on dark jeans was trendy last season but I’m not sure if we are going to see it on street style or not. Just wait and see!

Cute Prints


There were some cute prints like them in the Gucci fashion show!

Glasses and Hats in Gucci Fashion Show

gucci fashion show 8

In Gucci show, I mostly saw this yellow and transparent glasses and the other white ones. We have already wearing them so I think yellow glasses and white fram sunglasses are still in.


Finally I want to show two type of hats that I mostly saw in Gucci show. One of them is my favorite french berets. I think they are very trendy and I like to combine them with my daily outifts. If you want, you can read my article about French Berets! You can see different colored french berets with outfits there!

I also saw the second red hat in Gucci fashion show however, I’m not sure that if it is comfy enough or people going to wear it. It is maybe just an accessories for the models. We will see it!

See you at the next article.

Stay Stylish!

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